Counselor Franco has practiced in the area of immigration law since 2011. During his years in practice, he has assisted numerous individuals and families to achieve their goal of living and working in the United States, as well as assisted numerous businesses, including small startups to fortune 500 multinational companies, in furthering their business objectives in the United States by obtaining the visas required for their foreign talent to work in the United States. Not once but several times, where many immigration lawyers said no, Counselor Franco said yes and delivered successful strategies to achieve his clients’ immigration objectives.

Counselor Franco’s immigration strategies acumen spreads to various occupational niches such as physicians (having earned the prestigious Conrad 30 waiver for several foreign physicians) and young entrepreneurs implementing modern and innovative business models.

Counselor Franco is specially equipped to assist startup businesses launching a new office in the United States, with over a decade of  analytical, strategic, and legal training, as well as with significant experience in business/investment immigration, business entity formation, contract drafting, intellectual property disputes, and contract and settlement negotiation. Moreover,  licensed to practice law in Florida, New York, and Colombia and knowledgable of the  particularities involved in doing business in South America and in the United States, Counselor Franco is your ideal partner to guide you through the complexities of doing business in Florida, New York, Colombia, the United States at large, and/or in a cross-border context.

Counselor Franco and his team is the ideal choice for any Immigration Law case.
We handle all types of immigration matters whether it is a defensive or affirmative case, including but not limited to all types of business, investor, or work visa, and:

  • Adjustment of Status
  • Application Review
  • Family Petitions
  • Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIA)
  • Naturalization
  • Permanent Resident Card (“Green Card”) Renewal
  • Removal of Conditions on Residency
  • Request for Evidence (RFE)
  • Removal Proceedings
  • U-Visa
  • Work Permit